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Hi!  My name is David and I thank you for visiting my website.  The reason for building this website was simple.  I love barbecuing and trying out new barbecue sauces.  But what made me want to start a website?  Good question.  Here’s the story, from the beginning and hopefully it doesn’t bore you too much!


Well, a few years ago I contacted a barbecue restaurant owner in Boulder, CO where I used to live.  I sent him an email as at the time I was living in Nashua, NH and both my wife and I were frustrated that there was almost no barbecue restaurants in the area.  I had told her about this awesome restaurant in Boulder and how the owner and his wife started with one location and opened several over the following years.  I told her how (while I was living in the Boulder area) I had attended a barbecue class he and his wife had put on as part of their restaurants marketing campaign.  The class was about how to properly Barbecue.  NOT Grill!  But how to slow-cook Barbecue.  It was awesome!


That wonderful little restaurant in Boulder is called KT’s BBQ.  If you are ever in the Boulder or Denver area you HAVE to stop in and try it out.  They have several locations now.  Their homemade BBQ sauce recipe is one of the best I have ever tried, anywhere in the country.  I’ve been lucky over the years to have traveled a lot due to my jobs.  During my travels I’d always look for a BBQ to try.  I’ve tried BBQ from Memphis, Atlanta, Texas, St. Louis, Kansas City, the Carolina’s, literally from coast to coast from California to New York and to as far south as Costa Rica.  Yeah, even out of the country!    Well, come on!  There’s no place too far to try Barbecue now is there!


I’m originally from Oklahoma where, yes, there is good barbecue.  Really good barbecue!  It’s only Oklahoma just never got any national recognition for BBQ like other Southern States that made it an institution.  I’ll have to build a page listing great Oklahoma BBQ when I have time and give some credit where it’s due.


Anyway, my reason for contacting the owner of KT’s in Boulder was his story had for a long time inspired me and I wanted his advice.  Since I’ve always loved eating barbecue (having grown up in the South that’s mandatory) and when I started grilling and then learning to slow-cook barbecue I’ve continued thinking that maybe someday I’ll open a restaurant.  Well, he gave me some great advice.  Unfortunately, the reality of me opening a restaurant is small as I don’t have the money to invest in such an endeavor.  (And, maybe not even the energy!)  So, over the years I’ve continued to barbecue, try out new sauce recipes hoping that maybe one day I can share it with others somehow.


Well, the Internet was the answer!  One of the things that annoyed me about so many other websites is their lack of organization, ads everywhere, no reviews of recipes, painful colors and fonts (I like pretty websites!), and just overall no good in my opinion.  Sometimes I’d find good recipes but no website I love going back to on a regular basis.  Overall, I never found very many websites that I would consider a single great source for ALL things about barbecue sauce and a really, really comprehensive database of recipes.


So, one day, I finally sat down and started to build my own website.  Building a website was also another thing I was always interested in doing but never knew what type of website or web-based business I wanted to try.  So, taking my passion for barbecue sauces and my interest in building a website as well as having a side business of some sort I started this website called Ultimate BBQ Sauce Recipes.  Let’s just say it’s a heck of a lot cheaper than opening a BBQ restaurant and the hours are much better too!  And maybe, if I really want to try it, I’ll start bottling some of my own recipes and begin selling them here someday.  Until then, I just continue adding recipes and enjoy meeting other people who share my love of barbecue and the joy of trying out a new sauce recipe.


David Durick

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